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Ages 3-5

TS Little Skaters is for all the young hockey enthusiasts (or ringette) who are itching to start skating and playing hockey! We want all the young super stars to be able to start their passion early and get the best quality instruction out there! In this program, players aged 3-5 are able to get on the ice and learn to become more comfortable on their skates so that when they move onto the next level they will be ahead of the pack!



This program focuses on players at all levels trying to get ahead with their skating. We focus on basic skating techniques to build a solid base that we can then build on. This program will go through all skating techniques that all players need to become great skaters. Once the fundamentals are learned, we will then move into the power and speed component of their skating. At the end of this program, all skaters will have all the tools they need to take their skating to the next level.



This program is for motivated and like-minded athletes that are in Atom/Peewee Competitive. This program will feature both on-ice and off-ice sessions. Through the on-ice portion we will continue to build off of their foundation of skating to continue to perfect technique, add more power and become faster skaters. The off-ice portion will focus on movements and drills to help increase their technique, power and speed on the ice. This program is designed to introduce athletes to the high performance level of hockey and get them ready for the next level. 



This program is for elite level athletes that are looking to continue to build and master specific areas of their game. In this program, we continue to focus on technique, power and speed while diving deep into specific areas of skating. Players can choose to work through specialized and specific program that include: Accelerate, Explode, Find Your Edge, The Perfect Stride and D Core. In each of these programs, you will find an intensive program with both on and off-ice drills.


Junior, University, College, Drafted Pros

This program is for athletes who want to separate themselves from the competition. Everyone needs to be a good skater to play at this level, but the work is never done. In this program, we focus on small group instruction to fix the tiny details that will make a difference in your game. We work with the athlete to make an individualize plan for their on-ice training to maximize their gains throughout the off season.

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