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What equipment will my child need? 

All Skaters will need the following equipment before they step on the ice:

Helmet (with cage)

Hockey Gloves


Shoulder Pads

Hockey Pants

Elbow Pads

Shin Pads

Neck Guard

Hockey Socks


What class should I register my child for? 
There is a basic description of each program on our website. Each program has all the times and ages to ensure that your child is in the appropriate group based on their age and ability. 

Do you offer private sessions? 

Yes we do, the cost is $275 per hour at the Aitken Center, the availability is limited but we can always make something work. See our private session page for more details! 

Why do I have to pay for the session if my child cannot attend? 

We prepare for each session by making sure we have the right instructor for everyone enrolled. All sessions are properly staffed with experienced coaches. Your child may be absent, but there are still coaches there and ice costs and agreements must be met. 

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