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Total Speed Fundamentals

This program focuses on players at all levels trying to get ahead with their skating. We focus on basic skating techniques to build a solid base that we can then build on. This program will go through all skating techniques that all players need to become great skaters. Once the fundamentals are learned, we will then move into the power and speed component of their skating. At the end of this program, all skaters have all the tools they need to take their skating to the next level.   

TS Fundamentals Program:

4-8 Week Program:

2-4 Weeks Dedicated to Technique

2-4 Weeks Dedicated to Power

2-4 Weeks Dedicated to Speed

Maximum of 30 Skaters per group to Maximize Instruction

Station work based on skill level

Build a Strong Skating Foundation

Work on: stride mechanics, turns, edge work, transitions, stops/starts, backwards skating, crossovers, and more!

Results Guaranteed!

Get the Total Speed Advantage!

Fundamental Programs Available:

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