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Total Speed Elite Programs

This program is for elite level athletes that are looking to continue to build and master specific areas of their game. In this program, we continue to focus on technique, power and speed while diving deep into specific areas of skating. Players can choose to work through specialized and specific program that include: Accelerate, Explode, Find Your Edge, The Perfect Stride and D Core. In each of these programs, you will find an intensive program with both on and off-ice drills.

*Must have completed at least 1 year of Fundamentals/or High Performance programs

TS Elite Programs Include:


Is your goal to go faster?  The Accelerate program gives you the tools to maximize your speed, including stops and starts, your first 3 steps, transitions and changing direction.  Get ahead of the competition with Accelerate! 


Do you want to leave your competition behind?  The Explode program will help you maximize your ability to jump into space with power and speed.  The program uses on-ice plyometrics, conditioning and sprint work to help you develop explosive movements.


Find Your Edge

Great skaters make better players!  This program focuses on total body control to help you get the edge on your competition.  You will work on turns, transitions, and outside and inside edge work to perfect your skating style.


The Perfect Stride

Visualize what it takes, and then get there!  The Perfect Stride program helps you make small adjustments to increase stride length for a faster, more powerful skating style.  Using innovative technology and on-ice drills, we will help you visualize how to take your skating to the next level.


Being the last person back is tough work!  This defense-specific program will take you through transitions and backwards skating drills to help you face down the fastest skaters in the league - and win! 


Maximum of 20 Skaters per Group to Maximize Instruction 


Results Guaranteed!

Get the Total Speed Advantage!


Programs Available:

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