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Total Speed HP

This program is for motivated and like-minded athletes that are in Atom/Peewee Competitive. This program will feature both on-ice and off-ice sessions. Through the on-ice portion we will continue to build off of their foundation of skating to continue to perfect technique, add more power and become faster skaters. The off-ice portion will focus on movements and drills to help increase their technique, power and speed on the ice. This program is designed to introduce athletes to the high performance level of hockey and get them ready for the next level. 

TS High Performance Program:

5 Hours of On-Ice


Stride Mechanics, Edge and Body Control, Building Power, Increasing Speed

2 Hours of Off-Ice


Skating Muscle Memory, Agility, Plyometrics, Conditioning, Sprinting


Maximum of 20 Skaters per Group to Maximize Instruction 

Results Guaranteed!

Get the Total Speed Advantage!

High Performance Programs Available:

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